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Watch Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk (2016) streaming

posted by admin, January 26, 2017 @ 11:33 pm

Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk streaming free. – Watch full movies streaming online, no download required.

  • Director: Ang Lee
  • Writers: Ben Fountain, Jean-Christophe Castelli
  • Stars: Joe Alwyn, Garrett Hedlund, Arturo Castro, Mason Lee, Astro, Beau Knapp, Ismael Cruz Cordova, Barney Harris, Vin Diesel, Steve Martin, Chris Tucker, Kristen Stewart, Makenzie Leigh, Ben Platt, Bruce McKinnon
  • Release Date: November 18, 2016
  • Run Time: 1h 53min
  • Genre: Drama, War


To watch Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk streaming select the “Watch online now” button below.

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Based on Ben Fountain’s novel, scripted by Jean-Christophe Castelli, newcomer Joe Alwyn plays 19-year old private Billy Lynn who came home from the war with his fellow soldiers in Bravo Squad after a gruesome battle that took the life of one of their own. They’re assigned to do some kind of victory tour now and part of that schedule is for them to be a part of the Thanksgiving Day football game’s halftime show. The story not only features flashbacks that let you in on Billy’s experience overseas, and his current struggle with his family, but it also contrasts the harsh realities of the war with America’s perception.


Watch Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk Streaming Online

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